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Music written by Takashi Umemiya
Lyrics written by Takashi Umemiya



Late at night, driving down along the shore

Moon is bright, I'm gonna have some fun for sure


Dance, to the tune that they play

To the music that they play

Come on and dance yo

Come on and dance to the beat


Dance, only in the Beach house


Feel alright, a lot of spirit in the air

Keep it tight, this ship is strolling on a sail


Leave your worries

We're gonna have some fun tonight


Perfect vibes, the mood injected by the groove

Feel the drive, shooting stars are on the move



Babylon wants a war

We've got to try and stop them

Leaving us with battle scars

We've got to try and stop them


Hypocrisy is rising

We see the things they're hiding

Within themselves they're fighting, No

The chance we got is rising

We need to keep on riding

The have to stop dividing the world


And right now, we need to keep on fighting


We need to pay attention

No more to news invention

Reality suspension, No

Don't stop with all the questions

See through the hidden connections

We need to heal the tensions, Oh



Beautiful island in the south

But people living in a thread, with things left unsaid

Started since the end of war

With 200,000 dead, then peace was declared

Yet crimes and horrors carried on

With more reported rapes, nobody's safe

But now the people's had enough

We fight for our land, and now we say


Go back home and leave us alone


Some ran for closure yet they lie

They say security to blame, and things stay the same

Most of us are standing up

But still they ignore, and build some more

They use our lands to spread some hate

Yet they never lose a dime, we pay for their crimes

But now the people's had enough

We fight for our land, and now we say



I question you, you turn away

Hiding behind your golden veils

All your distraction, all those illusions

You're just trying to kill my vision



You just keep running away

( Keep running, keep running away )


You look afar, but see the mirror

You'll see the devil in the flesh

Placing the blame on other people

In truth you'll always be the culprit



You tell your lies, or tell the truth

You'll pick your poison to the maker

'Cause right or wrong, light or dark

I see nothing but just people




There was a knock that sound more like a pound

8'o clock at night they came around

Armed battalion, high powered guns

They dropped me on the ground and thrown outside


Run for your lives, the cops are coming

Run for your lives, here without a warning

Run for your lives, the cops are coming

Run for your lives, your guns won't silence us


I rolled around while both my hands are bound

They forced my head in the water 'till I drown

Left me hanging, right by the door

I maybe halfway dead but I won't stop


We need to go, we need to go now

We need to go, we need to go right now

But why do we have to go?


Round the clock I stayed and stood my ground

Holding out for signs of foreign sounds

Why dissention? Is it a crime?

I can feel the pain down on my spine 



Gunfire after gunfire

People put to death

They're saying words like freedom or peace

Yet lying through their breath

But I'm saying


No more war ; No brutality

No more crimes against humanity


The guns just keep on firing

The law they keep defying

"Thou shall not kill"


Don't let them mislead you

Always seek the truth

Never stop resisting their plans

'Cause they'll corrupt the youth


They justify their actions with lies

The truth they try to hide

All we see is greed in disguise

Denying human right

But I'm saying



They said it's safe

And promised wonders to embrace

But now it's leaking toxic waste

Our town's a mess we've been displaced

We made our own escape

Now feeling out of place

Looks like a million miles away


'Cause suddenly

We had to flee

Oh can't you see

We don't want it

Please just shut it down


Shut it down 

Can't you hear?


Why don't you look us in the face

Why won't you listen to our case

We feel ignored we feel betrayed

Hypocrisy in full display

Our pain that you deny

Our rights that you defy

A problem reaching worldwide


A tragedy


Your blasphemy

We don't need it

Please just shut it down



The moment that I saw you

I felt my life just fall through

Your presence grabs me from within

Happiness your beauty brings

Her smile just makes my world go round


I swear I thought I saw an angel

A beauty so divine

I saw an angel

It's like a guiding light


Her presence freezes me

Turned me to ice

I never saw just how time flies


She got me petrified

Deep down inside

She's just perfection in my eyes


My heart just keeps on beating

For her I'll keep on breathing

She gives a meaning to my life

Her beauty makes me feel alive

She keeps my sane all through the night


I turned around I saw an angel

A beauty so divine

I saw an angel

It's like a guiding light


Girl I wish you are mine

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