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"Takashi Umemiya & The Comrades" is a Roots Rock Reggae band that was founded by a Japanese/Filipino singer/songwriter Takashi Umemiya, who in 2014 released two chart topping albums "Join the Revolution" and "Battle Scars".


Blended with the rhythm and groove of reggae, and the attitude of rock, "Takashi Umemiya & The Comrades" looks to bring back the sound of Roots Rock Reggae.




* Join the Revolution 
- released April 20, 2014 

* Battle Scars 
- released September 29, 2014 

*Voice of the Voiceless

- released July 25, 2016

*Rise and Fight
- released February 3, 2019


- released June 30, 2019

- released August 27, 2023





2015 - Best Reggae Song (Beach House) for the month of August (Akademia Awards)

2019 - Best Reggae Music Video (Rise and Fight) for March 2019(Akademia Awards)

2022 - Outstanding Legacy Award (Reggae) Akademia Music Awards

"A Japanese native who grew up in the Philippines then returned, Umemiya used Bob Marley as an inspiration to deal with adult issues of oppression and conformity - and his muse eventually delivered him to the right career!"

                                                             - Akademia Awards

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